The Science of Psychomagnetism

Copernicus, Kepler and Newton: The Science of Psychomagnetism

       One would do well to consider the context and history of “paranormal phenomena.” When Isaac Newton first proposed his theory of action at a distance to explain the forces of gravity on the planets, he was afraid people would label it “magic,” and many ridiculed him and questioned his sanity. Likewise, Galileo labeled Johannes Kepler’s discovery that the moon affected and caused the tides as “paranormal phenomena” and “useless fiction.” When Nicolaus Copernicus first proposed what is now often regarded as the defining epiphany that began the scientific revolution – that the earth revolved around the sun – he looked like a fool for not following the established “commonsense knowledge.”

+++ If you’re considering or are currently involved in any practice such as “Laws of Attraction,” Kabbalah, Magick, Witchcraft or any popular new age form of reality manipulation, it is good that you’ve stumbled upon this website. This website was created with you in mind. Similarly, this website was made for those in the sciences and in particular: theoretical physicists. On these pages, you will learn a proper understanding of the scientific underpinnings, theory and caveats (danger) of this type of work.

The Science of Manifestation

     Physics is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. I propose a new study of physics that builds upon the theoretical implications of quantum mechanics which I term psychomagnetics. Psychomagnetics deals with the science concerned with the nature and properties of matter, energy and consciousness and posits that specific brain frequencies remarkably modify the strength of the quantum wave function, which alters the probability of events occurring. As physicist Fred Alan Wolf notes,

“the strength of a quantum wave is a measure of the probability of an event occurring.”

+++ Wolf also holds that thought does modify the probability of an event occurring. In the book, Psychomagnetism: Theory and Method of Probability Shift, I outline powerful pragmatic methods of modifying the strength of quantum wave functions to alter the probability of real-world events. One must have a good understanding of the natural law of psychomagnetism before embarking on my proposed working methods as they carry inherent dangers and risks.

+++Physicist Tom Campbell Ph.D is excellent at explaining how the measurement problem in the double-slit experiment shows that it takes human consciousness to make a particle out of probability. I have included a lecture of his explaining the double-slit experiment below. However, for those who do not wish to sit through a 45 minute lecture, for the sake of brevity and breaking down complicated quantum mechanics for the layperson, I have also included a shorter and much easier to understand video right below the lecture:

+++Mainstream quantum theory holds that you, as the experimenter, have to choose what to measure and have your own reasons. Your observation is necessary which is called a collapse in the state vector. The collapse cannot take place without an observer. Consequently, physicists are required to consider the role of consciousness. The Hungarian American mathematician Von Neumann’s theory showed that (1) mind and matter are actually separate, and (2) quantum mechanically the mind can’t be the body because quantum theory requires the interplay between both the mental and the physical dimensions.

Physicist Fred Alan Wolf explains:

Classical physics holds that there is a real world out there, acting independently of human consciousness. Consciousness, in this view, is to be constructed from real objects, such as neurons and molecules. It is a byproduct of the material causes which produce the many physical effects observed.

Quantum physics indicates that this theory cannot be true – the effects of observation “couple” or enter into the real world whether we want them to or not. The choices made by an observer alter, in an unpredictable manner, the real physical events. Consciousness is deeply and inextricably involved in this picture, not a byproduct of materiality.

+++The choice on the part of the observer is a painful thorn in physics. In fact, there is no dominant theory or model that explains what consciousness is. Quantum mechanics requires what are called psychophysical mechanisms, which are choices on the part of the observer. All of this is largely uncharted territory. To be clear, psychomagnetism is defined as the force that attracts or repels the probability of specific events in space time utilizing certain brainwave frequencies.

Space-time: Energy, Mass and Quantum Theory

+++ Just as the big bang shot billions of fragments across the universe which Einstein showed to fundamentally consist of energy, quantum mechanics indicates that consciousness as a distinct form of energy has also been fragmented from an original source similar to other forms of energy such as solar energy formed within and from the nebulous expanse. Concentrated nebulous gasses create energy which enables the creation of mass and bending in the field of spacetime which powers the gravitation of planets. As an evolving life form the human species must learn that consciousness is intertwined with the psychomagnetic field which is interconnected and able to affect and power the probability of events within the field of spacetime just as electricity, as a controlled movement of charged particles is able to be used. The quantum mechanics underpinning my proposed psychomagnetic energy hold many theoretical implications for science and society as a whole.

+++ The mind can act as a conductor, influencing the probability of events. Just as the microscope is an instrument for experiments, the mind is likewise to be used as an instrument for the baconian method to conduct experiments in the development of psychomagnetism. It is logical to conclude from the practical results of my methods of mind that human consciousness is something fundamentally similar to the fragmented interstellar energy of stars created from space dust, living and dying, each carrying a magnetic field. Bar the fact that human consciousness has the ability to observe the field of spacetime. Following inductive reasoning from the results of psychomagnetism and its quantum mechanical implications, we have arrived at a new field of study: psychological physics.

+++ Similar to connecting an electrical wire to an outlet in the wall, the psychomagnetic properties created within my methodical processes are allowed to “channel” through a universal quantum conduit which seems to access the psychomagnetic field of probabilities. In other words, the conscious mind becomes something like a charged particle in which one’s intended events begin to carry a charge that alters the probability of physical reality. One is employing one’s reason and working beliefs to powerfully manipulate the probability of events of spacetime.+++

Fair Warning

  Marie Curie’s experiments with radioactivity and her discovery of radium eventually led to her own death. Robert Bunsen, famous for the bunsen burner blinded himself in one eye after a cacodyl cyanide accident. Michael Faraday, who made important discoveries in the field of electromagnetics suffered eye damage after a chemical explosion and spent the remainder of his life suffering from the results of chemical poisoning. Louis Slotin, who helped to design the first nuclear bomb accidentally killed himself by dropping a sphere of beryllium which ignited a fission reaction. Galileo Galilei spent the last four years of his life as a blind man due to staring into the sun. To be clear, intentionally changing the strength of the quantum wave function can have equally disastrous effects on the experimenter if one does not know what one is doing.

     My method of the science of manifestation in and of itself is very dangerous and has the potential to end up manifesting your worst nightmare without knowledge. As Donald Michael Kraig has said, the author of Modern Magick, you can use electricity to power a lightbulb and you can also use it to kill someone. However, Donald Kraig had no conceptual idea of the actual laws behind the work he wrote about and the havoc you can wreak upon yourself and the community unintentionally and very easily. You will find that you can not only more effectively attract your desires and dreams but you can also completely destroy your life in an instant and have no idea why. For those currently involved or are exploring the science of manifestation via “laws of attraction,” Kabbalah, Magick, Witchcraft, the occult or any new age form of reality manipulation, the main inspiration for my writing is to guide many curious practitioners away from self-destruction by allowing one to comprehend the general law of psychomagnetism.

The Five Laws of Psychomagnetism

The First Law of Psychomagnetism: An Action is Always Required to Produce Results

     Learning how to generate psychomagnetic energy must come after learning the natural law as it is far too dangerous for one to start manipulating the probability of events via psychomagnetism without first understanding the dangers and laws involved. After an extensive understanding of these things, only then can one avoid catastrophic mistakes.

+++The first law of psychomagnetism: physical action is always required to obtain results after psychomagnetism has been put into motion. After one has learned how to generate psychomagnetic energy for oneself, one must take a physical action toward the intended result, this is a conscious carry of the psychomagnetic charge. By taking action toward the intended result -after accessing the conscious field changing the strength of quantum wave functions- places psychomagnetic energy further into motion to produce results in space-time. One can choose to take action or not to take action. However, one must accept the results of the outcome.

+++I give general guidelines on how to reduce negative outcomes. Remember, you alone are responsible for your own actions as you tamper with quantum wave functions on the psychomagnetic field. The results can be life-changing.

The Second Law of Psychomagnetism: The Large Pool Theory

    As stated above, psychomagnetics deals with the science concerned with the nature and properties of matter, energy and consciousness. The second law of psychomagnetism is as follows: For every psychomagnetic action upon a specific known individual there is an exponential opposite probability reaction toward oneself.

+++This phenomenon of exponential opposite probability (blowback) is known in other circles as an inevitable consequence of “black magick.” Many deluded followers within these circles have become victims of their own “black magick” or simply put, the uninformed meddling of the quantum wave function that drives the intended probability down to zero along the wave strength function of least resistance. This probability reaction has no discretion regarding how violent that zero probability is. This means that tampering with psychomagnetism is like handling a live wire, one must know and understand how it works or one can damage or destroy oneself. Therefore, please adhere to the guidelines here and in my book Pychomagnetism: Theory and Method of Probability Shift.

+++Before one embarks on my methods, one must know and observe the large pool theory. Essentially, the conduit of psychomagnetism must be allowed to channel to a large pool of probabilities and must never be restricted to affect the outcomes of specific individuals. I suppose this might become known as the free will theory. This is not a tenet based in morality but one based on actual psychomagnetic law. One must never attempt to violate the free will of any specific known individual or group for that matter, even for goodwill, which I will explain below.

+++There are many occult texts which proclaim this “law” and I have personal experience testing the validity of this theory. I will tell you that the consequences for the violation of the free will of any specific known individual via psychomagnetics, even unintentionally, can impose devastating, permanent consequences (blowback) on your life. You will do well to heed my warning on the theory of the large pool. It is a cosmic quantum reaction you do not want to test. If you are tempted, you have been warned here.

+++For example, if you were trying to use psychomagnetism to land a job, you would not want to use it for a specific job opening with specific individuals involved. It is safer to use psychomagnetism to try to obtain any job in your particular field with no specific individuals and no specific institutions involved and in that way one avoids any potential “small pool” outcomes or conflicts of free will that may have serious adverse consequences. Essentially, it is not necessarily about free will, but rather the conduit of psychomagnetism must be allowed to channel to a large pool of probabilities and must never be restricted to limited probabilities. This law cannot be stressed enough. There are those who claim that it is possible to violate the free will of specific individuals, but the consequences are just too extreme and astronomic.+

The Third and Fourth Laws of Psychomagnetism: The Zero Sum Theory and The Law of Exponential Opposite Probability

    Energetic exchanges on the psychomagnetic field are zero sum and seem to carry a charge: positive or negative. If one uses psychomagnetism to gain something, that means someone else has to lose something. Furthermore, as you learned in physics 101 you know that like charges repel. Generally speaking, any psychomagnetism created from the desires of one’s own individual conscious unit carries with it a possible repelling force if it must come into contact and conflict with the similar charge of another similar force in the zero sum exchange. Carrying out psychomagnetism from the ego can create two pushing forces of probability which have equal magnitudes, both exerted in opposite directions which can result in a repulsion of that probability sent out. In other words, whatever the intended probability, that probability can become zero in violent fashion as this zero probability reaction passes along the path of least resistance. In the field of psychomagnetics, we observe the law of exponential opposite probability as a result of the “small pool” theory. When experimenting with psychomagnetism, know that the law of exponential opposite probability is always in effect.

The Fifth Law of Psychomagnetism: The Path of Least Resistance

     In the application of psychomagnetism: the results will always seek the path of least resistance. For example, if you wish to come into a large sum of money, the closest probability available may require you to end up in a wheelchair permanently to receive a large settlement as a result. One does not control the circumstances of the outcomes. As I’ve illustrated, psychomagnetics is a risky and dangerous business if one does not have a full and proper understanding of the science of altering probabilities. You can order my book here.

Quantum Mechanics, The Pragmatic Method and Consciousness

     Exploring this type of work will involve the use of applied psychological methods. Through the application of my proposed working methods, you will come to a better understanding of the mind, yourself, and your world. However, one must first understand the context of such methods. Context is essential to understanding the methods outlined here.

+++ There are age-old principles which have been proven to solve problems and progress the evolution of the human species throughout history. Within academic dialogue, whenever one encounters a contradiction, one must therefore make a distinction. Within the sciences, whenever anomalies arise, one must therefore recognize that only a part of the whole is being considered.

+++ Stephen Hawking has made great strides in the field of physics. However, the mind-body problem has been an irresolvable enigma which has been a painful thorn in the field of physics. I will explain the mind-body problem below. Quantum mechanics contains a causal gap and, at present, there are no solutions to the problem.

+++ The nineteenth-century physicist James Maxwell and his equations that theorized electromagnetism noticed that there are unstable states in nature at points where deterministic laws are not applicably explained. He states:

If…those cultivators of physical science…are led in the pursuit of the arcana of science to study the singularities and instabilities, rather than the continuities and stabilities of things, the promotion of natural knowledge may tend to remove that prejudice in favor of determinism which seems to arise from assuming that the physical science of the future is a mere magnified image of that of the past.

Maxwell discovered electromagnetism. In considering his statement and the historical examples of its consequent ramifications, one senses the remnants of an age-old principle which acts as a catalyst for the accumulation of knowledge and scientific discovery.

+++ Consequently, at the turn of the twentieth-century, Max Planck discovered a failure in the precepts of classical physics, which gave rise to what is known as quantum mechanics. Within quantum mechanics, a new way of viewing the world eventually arose. Instead of seeing human beings comprised of physically deterministic substances according to Newton’s laws of motion, human consciousness and its effects became an essential element within quantum procedure. As a result of Schrodinger’s equation, physicists discovered that deterministic equations were not sufficient in determining the nature of reality.

+++ Nonetheless, it is worth noting a model provided by the physicist David Bohm who had conversations with Einstein. The philosophical implications of Bohm’s interpretations (of Schrodinger’s equation) were largely passed over by the physics community. Bohm depicted and termed spacetime as the “holomovement,” which he explains is “undivided wholeness in flowing movement.”

+++ Bohm built theory from the Copenhagen interpretation in quantum mechanics, which was an interpretation and discovery that the measurement of an observer plays a key role in quantum mechanics and that quantum mechanics itself does not yield an objective description of microscopic reality. In his publication “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” Bohm showed how his theory can be extended beyond physics into other disciplines and spheres, such as life, consciousness, and cosmology. At present, physics has been unable to provide any known laws for the process of consciousness.

+++ I provide a psychological undertaking for penetrating the element of consciousness revealed in the mind-body problem of quantum theory. You will plunge into the depths of the uncharted sea of your own mind. Through the application of my proposed working methods, you will come to realize that there is much more to understand. The results of the methods are gathered noetically. This means that they are cognitive experiences that can be recorded.

+++ You will quite literally utilize your mind as an instrument to test my hypotheses. As a result of your successes, your present understanding of consciousness, yourself, and your world will expand to regions of no return. There are dangers involved in this and you must understand. The process you undergo will feel similar to as if you were to release your mind from the thought processes of a monkey. This is a new age of discovery.

The Five Senses

     Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington likened our five senses to a fishing net. Your five senses can be likened to a net in which each spaced unit of the net is five inches in diameter. When you cast your net into the ocean, you catch fish that are all equal to or greater than five inches in length. Therefore, you cannot conclude that all the fish in the ocean are equal to or greater than five inches in length. Scientists have been able to surpass the limitations of the senses with the use of scientific instruments to detect many things from small molecules to cosmic substances way out in space.

+++ Nevertheless, the fabric of consciousness has yet to be seriously tested, considered and utilized by the mainstream scientific community. By actively testing my proposed hypotheses and employing the tools, method, emotions and visualizations, one will come to witness with one’s own five senses that one can methodically affect the strength of the quantum wave function and thus the probability of events in spacetime. One can prove it to oneself with the pragmatic method because it works.

The Constellations of the Mind

     Just as a star attracts the gravitation of planets, or a supermassive black hole helps attract the gravitation of a galaxy, the developed mind attracts the gravitation of real-world events in spacetime. Humankind must collectively apply and test these hypotheses of mind to learn what works in order to understand that aspects of space-time revolve around concentrated brainwaves. One is simply affecting the likelihood of an almost infinite number of real-world probabilities.

+++ These working elements constitute the beginnings of a new paradigm for science and a new revolution. My perspective is sanguine, but I cannot deny that some of the greatest achievements of Kepler, Galileo, Copernicus, Mendel and Wegener were not realized until after their deaths.

Introduction by Analogy: The Science of Manifestation

     The science of manifestation is analogous to a lucid dream in which one suddenly realizes in the dream state that one is in fact dreaming. In a lucid dream, one swiftly realizes that one’s real self is in bed sleeping and as a result of what one knows, one then has the freedom to enjoy and manipulate the dreamscape: one can fly and do whatever one likes. It takes work to train oneself to experience lucid dreaming because once one descends into the dream state, one forgets that one is actually in bed. Many people report never having a lucid dream.

+++ Likewise, many people drift through life in dreamlike daze, never realizing who and what they really are. As you come to find how the mind itself affects the probability of real-world events, you will see that it is very likely that the “real” you may consist of something similar to what the renowned psychologist Carl Jung described as the “collective unconscious.” Regardless of any metaphysical speculation, the important thing is that you will come to find that my pragmatic method works.

+++ Just like lucid dreaming, it takes a little work to train yourself to experience the science of manifestation. In the dream state, it is easy to quickly forget that you are actually in bed, and your consciousness drifts back to believe the illusion of your dream and you lose your powers over the dreamscape. If you practice constant questioning of whether you’re dreaming or not by employing your faculty of reason, sooner or later you will catch yourself asking this question when your dream happens to defy the laws of physics and you will have temporary control over the dreamworld. That is, until you forget that you’re dreaming.

+++ In a similar manner, your results of manifesting within the plane of space-time will be recorded in your memory bank but may later be passed off as a crazy coincidence. You must record your experiments with a commitment to rigorous testing to cause a stream of unlikely coincidences which will then be recorded. Once these events build one upon another to form a body of evidence that allows one to accept the principle as a fundamental aspect of the universe, one will have access to a constant course of unlikely events that seem to make a mockery of the laws of probability.

+++ In the dream state, if you’re not certain that you’re dreaming, it is very difficult to fly at will and manipulate the dream experience. Similarly, the more aware you are of the methods of mind outlined herein, the more attraction and control over space-time you will have. The mind must itself be utilized to penetrate and understand the element of consciousness. Any serious attempt below will show how focused consciousness modifies the probability of events occurring. One is simply modifying probability via psychomagnetism.

The Science of Manifestation: Present Understanding

      At present, there are various ways prescribed in performing the science of manifestation. A vast amount of information, contradictory assertions and conflicting approaches seem to confound the inquirer. In addition to “The Law of Attraction,” other names for the science are classified as “Creative Visualization,” “Conscious Creation,” “Reality Creation,” and “You Create Your Own Reality.” Some methods are reported to work better than other methods depending upon the individual.

+++ However, the systematic procedure of the pragmatic method must be employed in this examination: test any hypothesis or strategy by putting it into action. If the hypothesis or action fails to work or solve the problem, try another. If the action you are taking produces a result, use that result as evidence and continue to cognitively test and build a body of evidence to support the hypothesis.

+++ Many depictions of the principle are lacking in several respects -both philosophical and methodical. Some methods simply focus on acquiring wealth, while others fail to explain that positive thinking will not prevent negative, unwanted experiences. It has nothing to do with “thinking” but rather, brainwave amplitude. What is more important, is that none seem to present the most powerful and effective method of manifestation and even more important than that, nor do they warn the practitioner what they should avoid at all costs. Moreover, none venture to fully understand the scientific underpinnings and the implications for humanity as a whole.

+++ I will not venture too deeply into abstract theories here. Any theories presented will serve chiefly as working methods that produce desired results and secondly to facilitate a basic understanding of the implications and mechanics behind the experienced results. Below, I will outline the most widely accepted strategies purported to have been successfully tested hypotheses, and then focus on a more effective, reliable, and potent method of testing the science of manifestation in order to arrive at a much more refined method of the science itself.

+++ Mainstream method of the science of manifestation outlined by the film “The Secret” goes as follows:

  • Decide what you want
  • Believe you can have it
  • Believe you deserve it
  • Then close your eyes every day and visualize already having it, feeling the feelings of already having it
  • Come out of that, and focus on what you are grateful for already, and really enjoy it and trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest it

+++ The film “The Secret” places much emphasis on acquiring wealth and doing whatever you want. The method as it stands in the film is somewhat effective given methodical prowess, but one will come to find that it is largely rudimentary and misguided out of both ignorance and in its aim to make money as a film. Popular manifesting outlined in the film also holds that:

  • You are getting what you are “feeling” about
  • A shift of your emotions can change your entire day, and life
  • The universe corresponds to the nature of your inner “feeling”
  • That most people offer the majority of their thought in response to what they are observing
  • Instead, feel the feelings of gratitude for everything in your life
  • When you visualize, then you materialize

+++ This method and these guidelines are somewhat capable of producing real-world results, but the method and the guidelines are unrefined, preliminary and misguided. The method in the film can be thought of as an extension or an augmentation but is missing the foundation. It lacks an intricate understanding of the science of manifestation only gained through testing various hypotheses of action and recording results. The film displays rudimentary methods in embryonic form.

+++ I take the nascent principles and outline a much more potent method developed through the pragmatic method. As a free thinker, you should test for yourself “what works.”

The Pragmatic Method

    The philosophy of empiricism that has proliferated throughout Western society within the past several centuries has, in principle, been a reaction to the excesses of religion and superstition. The attitude of empiricism eventually evolved into secularization and with it came the motto, as W.K. Clifford states: “It is wrong, always, everywhere and for anyone to believe anything on insufficient evidence.” The scientific age of empiricism worked very well in eradicating errors and advancing knowledge, technology and medicine. Empiricism was thus used as a method of reducing societal errors in belief.

+++However, the great American psychologist and philosopher who popularized the now widely accepted concept of pragmatism, William James, argued that sometimes it can be legitimate to believe certain things even when the evidence is inconclusive. His argument stems not from the principal aim of reducing error, but instead, the principal aim was to produce practical results. The concept of pragmatism has no interest in reducing error but rather, achieving results is all that it is concerned with.

+++James argued that it is sometimes sensible to allow what he calls our passional nature – interests, hopes, desires and fears – to influence our beliefs, even upon insufficient evidence to warrant that belief. There are many examples in which he shows this to be true. Suppose that you are climbing a mountain. In order to make it back down the mountain, you are forced to leap a wide chasm, but your chance of making it across is not particularly strong. In order to increase the odds of success, you must feel confident and believe that you can make it across so that you don’t freeze to death on the mountain or falter during the jump.

+++The pragmatic method recognizes beliefs as tools of utilization in the aim of achieving practical results. It does not ignore scientific facts, but it does recognize the value of utilizing beliefs to achieve desired results. The pragmatic method is very useful in solving real-world problems, and also in forging philosophical compromises -which explains the longevity and popularity of the method in the U.S.

+++Science determines facts, but one must recognize the value of utilizing beliefs congruent with scientific evidence in order to produce results. In other words, don’t worry so much about whether something indefinite is true or false, and simply focus on what works. The pragmatic method tests any hypothesis or strategy by putting it into action. If the hypothesis or action fails to work or solve the problem, you try another.

+++The recent movement and body of belief which was widely popularized by the film “The Secret” has come to be known as the “law of attraction” and has been embraced by some physicists. The law of attraction holds that concentrated methods of thought and emotion actually affect the likelihood of the occurrence of physical events. Moreover, astoundment arises when one finds that there have been no serious, extensive studies of the proposed law through the application of the pragmatic method.

+++I have taken it upon myself to produce an extensive study here. Over the course of several years of rigorous research and trial and error, I have arrived at successfully tested hypotheses and a much more refined understanding of the methodical details and intricacies of the proposed law. The mechanics underpinning the results of my proposed hypotheses can be explained without doing any violence to classic theory. Physicist Fred Alan Wolf, with Bob Toben in Space-Time and Beyond: Toward an Explanation of the Unexplainable, state:

I think that thought does modify the strength of quantum wave functions. Now, the strength of a quantum wave is a measure of the probability of an event occurring. I believe that the greater the awareness or consciousness of the observer, the greater the probability of an event occurring.

The noetic results arrived at through the application of my methods are harmonious with some of the ideas of Carl G. Jung. My findings, I believe, will help unwrap an opportunity of inquiry in the fields of psychology and quantum mechanics.

+++Any serious application of my methods will produce strikingly similar results as I have discovered that my proposed working methods of thought significantly modify the probability of events. The exploration of consciousness must be considered in any “theory of everything.” Therefore, peruse and apply the material herein because it can change the course of your life, history and hasten the evolution of the human species.

+++ Watching the 1998 film Sphere and the 2001 film Vanilla Sky will give you an abstract idea of what can actually happen. When you embark on the finely-tuned methods, you may discover that your mind is not prepared. When you find that concentrated methods of mind influence probability, there is a very real risk of madness. You may become confused over who “you” truly are when your mind begins altering probability and creating “action at a distance” events ensured by other people on earth. So tread carefully.

+++ We are the adventurers on the frontier utilizing psychomagnetic power, truly as dangerous and exciting as the invention of the sail, the airplane or the discovery of radiation. There are very real dangers involved in utilizing consciousness to manipulate events in spacetime. We are putting our lives on the line to test and record our results to build a body of evidence so that there are no more tragedies on the part of the curious practitioner. Likewise, these experiments are simply part of human evolution and further advance human control over the environment.

+++ Nowhere among any popular works will one be told that this “creation” or energy has its own inherent general law that if not followed correctly can act on the practitioner in a similar manner to how a lightning surge acts on an electronic device connected to a power outlet. Likewise, be aware that you can potentially alter or even destroy the lives of others with my proposed methods. If you wish to be wealthy without having to do any work, your loved ones might suffer an unfortunate accident and leave you their money and possessions in their will. The results can be unpredictable, so know that you are playing in a minefield until we, as a species, fully understand how to control psychomagnetic energy. I provide some general laws and guidelines that I believe prevent, to a great degree both self-destruction and harm to others.

© 2016

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